mimi | 19 | F | texas

zodiac; taurus 980514
mbti; intp
height: 5"6'
weight: still too skinny (help)
likes; writing, singing, eating!
dislikes; loud noises, meatloaf, math
catchphrase; dude

current interests; electronic music, writing, tons of idols... basically i need more. TT

Hey! I'm a young Bulgarian steadily trying to recover from severe social anxiety. c: With a philosophical, persistent, and easygoing personality I like to look at things from the bright side and do not enjoy involving myself with arrogant, close-minded people. (Especially if you are of a political or religious extremity. Please stay away.)

Mostly I am on Twitter. I'm pretty shut-in, and quiet even online, so it will be 90% RTs. And loving my seven boys. :")

I am completely fluent in Bulgarian and English, with intermediate Japanese. Feel free to speak to me in any of these languages.

You say you want to find the one and only answer in this world, Then start running now, to the unseen goal!
Aika Kobayashi