Boy Groups

My everythings. My one and onlys for boy band stans. A love like no other.

Girl Groups
Still getting more into most of these, but I'm most often girl group trash and all over the place with Kpop ones.
would mean I'm particularly gay for.


[Gfriend] Eunha
[LOONA] Hyunjin
[Oh My Girl] Binnie
[Lovelyz] Sujeong, Jiae (Step on me )
[Apink] Namjoo
[EXID] Hyelin
[Mamamoo] Moonbyul
[DIA] Eunice (Strongly being b-broken by Jenny with short hair!! hnnggh! )

I'm mostly into anti-idol here, not typical idol. Huge fan of yami kawaii and other kind of alt-idol.

[Zenkimi] Mashiro , Yotsu
[Yurumerumo] Ano
[BiS] None yet!
[BiSH] None yet! But Atsuko really seems like my type.
[LLSIF] Muse: Maki/Pile , Aquors: Yoshiko/Aikyan
[SayoPony] Nacchan

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